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  • 1/30/15: The second chapter of YoYo Kid Mike volume one is scheduled to premiere on March 2, 2015. Stay tuned!
  • 1/30/15* The first chapter of YoYo Kid Mike volume one is scheduled to premiere on April 1, 2015. Stay tuned!
  • 1/31/15: It is has been announced that the first volume of "YoYo Kid Mike" will be available to read online at Tapastic[1]
  • 1/31/15: The first chapter of the series is in the editing process and will be uploaded shortly for it's first viewing. Note that the only updates that are made are when a full chapter has been completed. Meaning there will be no continual updates for pages; only full chapters. More information will be coming soon so please stand by.
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The Yo-Yo of the Month for June is The Duncan Metal Drifter Yo-Yo [2]!

Utilizing design elements from the best selling FH Zero and taking them to the next level, Drifter becomes one of the best performing metal yo-yos available today. Its wide shape makes it easy to land the most difficult string tricks, but its smaller diameter makes it fast through the air and comfortable in the hand. Drifter features a recessed response system that ensures smooth, less responsive play. Top players demanded it, and Duncan delivered.

  • Features:
   Made of Precision Machined Aluminum
   Unresponsive For Professional Play
   Includes Counterweight For Freehand Style Of Yo-Yo Play
  • Specifications:
   Brand: Duncan
   UPC : 071617015169
   Condition : new
   Availability: In Stock 
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  • Easy yo-yo tricks like The Thrown Down and The Sleeper, build upon each other? Once you've learned the Sleeper and the Forward Pass yo-yo tricks, you're ready to take a quick trip Around the World!
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Release Schedule
Country Publisher Name Price Release Date
- YoYo Kid Mike $8.99 TBA
- YoYo Kid Mike 2: Raiden's Revenge $8.99 TBA
- YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy $8.99 TBA
- Side Story 1 $6.99 TBA
- Side Story 2 $4.99 TBA
- Side Story 3 $4.99 TBA
All releases are tentative and may change at any time
Upcoming and Recent Chapters
  • The Truth Revealed-Chapter 2; VoL: 1
  • Unexpected Arrivals-Chapter 3; VoL: 1
  • Shubo's Secret-Chapter 4; VoL: 1


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