YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy

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(Yōyōkiddomaiku 3: Kingupurokishi no taitō)

Genre Drama, Comedy, Fantasy
Written by Mayomi Takamini
Published by N/A
Demographic Children

G: General Audiences

Magazine N/A
Official Release September 2006

1 book/ 6 volumes; including side series (List of volumes)

Anime television series
Directed by TBA
Written by TBA
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After settling their endeavors with the vileness Raiden, the seal between the two worlds were fixed and peace was restored. Be that as it may, Mike's curiosity about his world and the high council began to grow. Knowing his father would refuse the idea, Mike went on his own to the holy sanctuary where he accidentally warps through the dimensional gate from his world to the Gorndoff Dimension. He meets Prince Ananzo, son of the late king, King Aron. With the kingdom in chaos and under the reign of King Proxy, Mike must assist Ananzo in the retrieval of the Rings of Phemeadia and help fight for the kingdom's true ruler.


A young boy must find a magic ring, solve a mystery, and save a prince to win the throne. Complications arise when it's discovered that the prince and villain are related. Assistance comes in the form of a friendly bird of which conceals the helper's true identity.



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17 [[]] #3
18 [[]] #
19 [[]] #
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YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy


All volumes (including side stories) with information on released dates for the series.


No. Book Title Story Relevance
1 YoYo Kid Mike Main Story (canon)
2 YoYo Kid Mike 2: Raiden's Revenge Main Story (canon)
3 YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy Main Story (canon)
4 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)
5 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)
6 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)

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