YoYo Kid Mike 2: Raiden's Revenge

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(Yōyōkiddomaiku 2: Raiden no fukushū)

Genre Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Action
Written by Mayomi Takamini
Published by N/A
Demographic Children

G: General Audiences

Magazine N/A

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1 book/ 6 volumes; including side series (List of volumes)

Anime television series
Directed by TBA
Written by TBA
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Mike learns of a new, powerful energy from his father, Yuudai, and is told that this enriching power could give great things to the world. However, in the wrong hands it could spread a horrible chaos never seen before by man. As rumors begin to spread , they travel to many unpleasant visitors who've make dastardly plans on stealing the energy for themselves. Once Raiden gains this information, he breaks free from his sealed imprisonment and steals the energy; making him even more powerful than before. Mike and his father battle together against the newly empowered Raiden and the clash of great powers disrupts the natural order once again.




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# Title Page Number
09 Perpetual Unsteadiness #3
10 Impending Doom #
11 Grim Future #
12 High Council (Corruption)Pt.1 #
13 High Council (Corruption)Pt.2 #
14 Evil's Rebirth #
15 Final Battle (The Clash of Great Powers) #
16 The Final Goodbye #
YoYo Kid Mike 2: Raiden's Revenge


All volumes (including side stories) with information on released dates for the series.


No. Book Title Story Relevance
1 YoYo Kid Mike Main Story (canon)
2 YoYo Kid Mike 2: Raiden's Revenge Main Story (canon)
3 YoYo Kid Mike 3: The Rise of King Proxy Main Story (canon)
4 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)
5 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)
6 TBA Unrelated (non-canon)

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