Winston Dunken

Winston anime

Winston anime

Winston anime

U~insuton [ウィンストン]
Name U~insuton [ウィンストン]
Age 8
Gender Male
Race Human
Weapon(s) Will Power
Relations N/A

The center of attention and most outspoken of Mike's friends. He accompanies our hero on his quest to save the world while also dragging him down into constant trouble.


Winston appears as an 8 year old boy whom is short in size but taller in comparison to his two companions. He has soft burly-wood skin and hazel eyes. His hair colour is close to that of a carrot, thus attaining the nickname "carrot top", by classmates. He wears a white t-shirt with a black collar and yellow sleeves stripped through with orange. He wears dark brown khaki shorts that are cuffed at the very bottom and black socks with a white strip on each side. One of his most fetching features are his white boots in which he keeps unzipped down the middle, meeting a yellow buckle at the base of the boot(s). Winston owns a small, black wrist band which he wears often, but very few actually notice this small detail on the character.


A very rambunctious youngster and a constant trouble maker to all, Winston Dunken is always full of surprises. With guts of steel and an attitude like a bull, this feisty fella is always running head first into danger. Though his actions are bold, he tends to drag his friends into tough situations they’re not ready to handle. This usually leads to a lot of fighting and arguments that never seem to end, and because of his obnoxiousness, he tends to hurt a lot of the people that are around him. Despite his many flaws, Winston’s heart is always in the right place. He will always do what is righteous and will never let harm to those closest to him. After all, actions speak louder than words!


  • Winston is sometimes referred by his last name which usually irritates him immensely. He can become quite crude which is not a common attitude for him to take on.
  • Winston has a “victory” pose where he jumps and points a peace-sign with his hands. He does this whenever he gets away with a prank and/or shenanigan.
  • In English, the name Winston means- victory town. The name Winston originated as an English name. Read more: Winston

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