Religion DescriptionEdit

Type: polytheism (very patriarchal)
Direction: outwards
Focus: converting others
Ruling Deities: The God of Magic and the God of Life
Important Deities: the God of Fate, the God of Crossroads, the God of Astronomy

Divine Interaction: is relatively commonplace

Involves: a hierarchy
Afterlife: is a peaceful place for all and cannot be reached while alive
Supernatural: witchcraft (folk magic), angels (benevolent ghosts)
Worship: joyous individual meditation in temples
Holidays: few
Holidays Celebrate: great priests, minor deities, past miracles
Major Holiday(s): are more prayer than celebration
Clergy: males only
Function: teachers, spiritual guides, ceremonial leaders, inquisitors
Lifestyle: average
Family: none (chastity required)
Chosen: elected by the people
Distinguished By: special jewelry
Cultural Aspects

Symbol: a quarter moon and a representation of a deity
Holy Color: silver
Passed Down: via several versions of one holy book
Creation Myth Type: dismemberment
Mortals' Origin: divine blood
Major Myth/Symbol(s): the redemption, the fall, the golden age
Deadly Sins: selfishness, irresponsibility, indifference, apostasy, dishonesty, cowardice, neglect and recklessness
High Virtues: faith, honesty, diligence, moderation, chastity and tolerance

Associated Art-form: songs
Coming of Age: 21 years old (males only)
Coming of Age Rite: involves leading a public ceremony

Marriage: is done only out of love
Marriage Rites: involve a transfer of wealth
Death Rites: are performed immediately after death
Major Taboo: gambling
Prevalence: believed by all
Outsiders: are considered misguided

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