Historical Overview

Known as the "Misty Hollows", the mist that covers these lands hides it's people and it's secrets.


One of the more lesser known dimensions ever mentioned by the high council, the Valeria dimension hides its secrets behind the doors of the dimensional gate. Very little is known about this world and the lands that are established within it, the only information available is through attained literary items from The Great Library.

Time Period:Ancient
Shaping Force:Magic
Political Structure:oligarchy – guild/syndicate
Strong Influence: political factions
Popular Issue: magic
Stability: extremely stable

Personal Freedoms: very good
Scandals: common
Foreign Relations: very good
Main Export: gadgets
Main Import: semi-precious magical stone
Main Resource: food – magically frown fruits
Trade: imports and exports equal

Strength: stable but declining
Wealth: fairly even, but with a wealth gap
Main Climate: Humid
Ocean: one
Mountains: very many, including volcanoes
Frequent Trouble: Constant Fog cover

Wilderness: 26%
Wild Animals: rare
Natural Resources: very scarce/ most food is grown with magic
Highly Values: social status
Known For: exotic/rare wildlife
Popular Entertainment: theater
Respected Profession: agricultural economics

Discrimination: virtually none
Major Taboo: money
Major Social Ill: gambling
Strength: very strong
Focus: land
Main Unit: siege weapons

Soldiers: hired mercenaries
Main Use: protection
Rank: earned through aptitude tests
Occurence: widespread
Source: derived from the passing through generations
Major Use: protection and practical stability

Viewed: as normal
Enchanted Items: very common
Type: polytheism
Focus: converting others
Worship: solemn personal meditation

Associated Artform: songs
Prevalence: believed by all
Holidays: very few
Urban: 5%
Rural: 95%
Literacy Rate: 89%

Gender Ratio: 1.85 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 5.3 children/family
Life Expectancy: 72.1 Valerian years/ 360 natural years