~Welcome to the Multiverse~

In this section, you will get the chance to explore different aspects of the series. These sections will include locations, terms, and other categories of the series. Keep in mind that this page will only provide basic descriptions for the categories listed below. For full a synopsis on the below content, please be sure to visit their pages.



A dimension is the number of elements in a finite basis of a given vector space. It is possible several can exist in the same plane, at the same time in its own belt of space. Provided in this section is a short guide of all the different dimensions in the series. Please visit the “Dimensions” tab or click on any provided links to specific areas that are given in this page. Please enjoy!

[[Image:|100px|Human Realm]]
[[Image:|100px|Gorndoff Dimension]]
[[Image:|100px|Valeria Dimension]]
[[Image:|100px|Amethyst Dimension]]
[[Image:|100px|Phantom Dimension]]
[[Image:|100px|Iris Realm]]


A race is a class or kind of people unified by shared interests, habits, or characteristics. There are several races that exist within the series canon wise and non-canon. Provided below is a list of races that have appeared in the series. For detailed synopsis please visit the "race" page for more information.



A book that contains all terms ever mentioned throughout the series that serve significant importance. This includes canon and non-canon related material. Provided below portal that will take you straight to the terms you seek. Or you can visit the "Terms" tab for more information.

All Knowing Book


All the characters poses unique abilities to help them adapt to peculiar situations and overcome obstacles. Come read about the interesting things your favorite characters can do. You might be surprised.



With great power comes great responsibility. Maintaining the order of this power requires strict laws and those who enforce them. Even if it's behind the scenes. Come take a look at the organizations hidden around the Multiverse.


Side Stories

This section will include non-affiliated stories of the series. These stories are “shorts” and pertain to mostly nothing of the original series. This will only contain a list of the stories. For detailed information and actual summaries, visit the “side stories” tab. Please enjoy!

Side Stories

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