Shubo anime drawing

Shubo true form

Human Name Shubo
True Name Shō
Human Name Japanese ショオ坊
True Name Japanese ショオ
Gender Male
Race Kurokumo [黒雲]
Age Unknown
Human Form Weapon(s) Majutsu [Black Magic-魔術]
True Form Weapon(s) Majutsu [Black Magic-魔術]
Relationships Raiden-Father
Things aren't always as they seem. Be sure to remember that the next time we meet.
— Shubo.

The secondary main antagonist in the first volume, Shubo asserts his role as firm as his father Raiden. (In some sense anyways.) His character serves as a more comic relief stand point for the series simply depicting the everyday struggle of a young son trying to fill the shoes of his glorious father. His role as an antagonist is shifty taking into account of the bad relationship he has with his own father. Shubo will stop at nothing to meet the expectations that have obviously been set too far high for him to ever reach.


~Human Form~

In this form, Shubo appears as an everyday elementary school child. He wears pale and drab colour shirts to compliment his pale white skin. His hair and eyes match with the colour of pure black. Colours typically don't suit his nature but he is seen from time to time wearing a colored stripped shirt. It is possible that he does this simply blend in better with his "human" counterparts. (Classmates)

~True Form~

In this form, Shubo undergoes a dramatic change. Though his dark colour scheme stays relatively the same, his overall physical appearance changes completely. His skin becomes  notably darker than before and there are scar-like markings slashed on both sides of his cheeks. His eyes become a deep red colour and his pitch black hair now stands up on the top of his head. Shubo's apparel changes to that of his native people's; wearing a black, long cloak-like over shirt and thin black pants. The symbol of his realm is on the back of his cloak.


Shubou is a very intelligent and clever person. He knows exactly what he wants and what he needs to do to get just that. Shubou is able to easily manipulate just about everyone to achieve his goals. Shubou also serves as a form of comic relief at times when he is angered or shocked by something unbelievable or stupid (Or just sometimes falling flat on his face), causing him to say funny things before going back to being serious. He can also be somewhat of a sore loser as well and doesn’t accept his defeat even if the tables are obviously turned against him. When he fails at a task he falls into a deep state of depression, eating junk food and sweets until he becomes morbidly obese. Somehow the weight disappears in little to no time at all.


  • Shubo's name has two gradual meanings:
    • In Chinese "Shu" means Kind and gentle; further describing some hidden personality traits held by the character.
      • In Japanese "Sho" or "Shou" means to soar or fly; furthering in detail about the character's origins and abilities.