Raiden [ライデン]
Name Raiden [ライデン]
Age unknown
Gender Male
Race Kurokumo [黒雲]
Weapon(s) Majutsu [Black Magic-魔術]
Relations Shubo-Son
I'll stop at nothing to attain what I desire; even if I must take it by force! Those who dare stand in my way are doomed to their own self destruction!
— Raiden.

The main antagonist of the first and second volumes, Raiden asserts his role as the conqueror of worlds. With the seal between the dimensions now weakened and his dark power growing ferociously, Raiden successfully takes control of his world. Now he is on a conquest to do the same with the five remaining worlds as well. His ultimate goal is to become the "king-of-kings", the ruler of all that was and ever shall be.


By appearance, Raiden would fit that of the average citizen living in the Phantom realm. He has pale, linen skin with three maroon claw-like markings trailing down both sides of his cheeks. He has blood red eyes, complimenting his hair of which stands on the top of his head and falls downward nearing the back. There are bangs that fall from the front and sides of his head on both side; making a total of six bangs each. He wears a black long coat that trails down past his knees and flair out at the ends and his collar. There are gold patterns nearing the forearm on both sleeves which also connect to a trim that line the outsides. Along with everything else, Raiden wears black pants and black, spiked boots.


Raiden, in most cases, is a very cruel individual. He has a shrewd temper and tends to be easily annoyed. He is extremely apathetic and his lack of concern for others holds strong to that claim. He has a fixed mindset on how to attain what he wants and that is: "If he must take it, he will do just that". With this linear mindset set into motion, he casts aside all unnecessary variables that could delay his conquest. (This is also apparent with his attitude towards his own son, Shubo.)


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