Historical Overview



Time Period: Medieval

Shaping Force: Brawn
Population: Entirely one nonhuman race

Political Structure: autocracy - hereditary
Strong Influence: popular support
Popular Issue: ethics
Stability: stable

Personal Freedoms: somewhat repressed
Scandals: fairly common
Foreign Relations: shaky

Main Export: raw ore
Main Import: lumber
Main Resource: food - fish/meat
Trade: slight deficit

Strength: stable and improving
Wealth: concentrated in a small upper class

Main Climate: molten tundra
Ocean: on three sides
Mountains: a few, including volcanoes
Frequent Trouble: firestorms

Wilderness: 86%
Wild Animals: dangerous
Natural Resources: fair amount

Highly Values: intelligence
Known For: "hospitality"
Popular Entertainment: gambling
Respected Profession: solider

Discrimination: class-based
Major Taboo: eye contact
Major Social Ill: black magic addiction

Strength: very strong
Focus: land
Main Unit: berserkers

Soldiers: volunteers
Main Use: Conquest
Rank: elected by public

Occurrence: very common
Source: granted by spirits
Major Use: daily life

Viewed: with respect
Enchanted Items: common

Type: polytheism
Focus: ancestor worship
Worship: prayer, mostly on holidays

Associated Art-form: chanting
Prevalence: believed by most
Holidays: few

Urban: 10%
Rural: 90%
Literacy Rate: 95%

Gender Ratio: 0.58 male(s)/female
Fertility Rate: 3.5 children/family
Life Expectancy:60.9 years

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