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Mike Koiwa [小岩マイク]
Name Mike Koiwa [小岩マイク]
Age 8
Gender Male
Race Taurean
Weapon(s) Yo Yo
Relations Yuudai - Father

Alaina Koiwa - Mother

Staying true to yourself is one thing, but knowing just who you are; now that's a toughy!
— Mike Koiwa.

The main protagonist of the first volume, Mike takes on the major role of protecting several worlds including his own. Upon discovering the secret life kept from him by his parents, Mike is granted a special power that enables him to fend off the onslaught of evil that endangers the universe and restore the many worlds back to order.


Mike appears as a very young school boy. He has light, apricot skin and emerald green eyes. His hair is pure black and the majority of it lays flat on top of his head. All but three bangs protrude from his forehead and the sides of his cheeks like whiskers. He is mostly seen wearing plain, white t-shirts with a coloured trim on both his collar and sleeves; as well as being accommodated by a matching cap and a pair of shoes. He also wears khaki shorts with two large pockets on both sides and carries a dark brown backpack on his back. Inside of his backpack, he carries a black, Neon yo-yo branded with the logo "NED". The most fetching feature about Mike’s appearance is the brown, cat-like ears propped on top of his head.


Mike is a very outgoing young boy who is predetermined in everything he does. Mike likes to get things done right and will simply not stand for any mishaps. This is shown mostly when Mike has to constantly keep his friend Winston from doing any dangerous activities; Although, he is somehow always dragged right into the middle of it. Mike is a very kind and genuine person and despite being different from everyone else, he’s always willing to lend a hand to someone. Even if that someone is not so willing in return. His riotous attitude causes him to do justly things to insure that nothing goes wrong in any particular situation. He is a bit wary at times but when justice is desperately needed, he will always be the first to step in.

Creation and Development


  • Mike’s appearance vaguely resembles that of Ness from Mother, Earthbound. His outfit sharply resembles one of the custom colour changes Ness has in the SSBB series.
  • Mike is commonly questioned as to what he is. He is often referred to as a “cat boy”, which would probably explain his fear of dogs.
  • Mike’s yo-yo is actually a brand of yo-yo called “NED ” which is an elementary program for promoting better academics for achievements in schools.
  • In English, the name Mike means- Abbreviation of Michael and Micah Who is like God?.. Other origins for the name Mike include - English, Israeli, Hebrew. Read more: Mike

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