A New Gift
Atarashī gifuto
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Chapter 1
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A New Gift, (新しいギフト)Atarashī gifuto is the first chapter of YoYo Kid Mike VoL 1.


After moving from their traditional lifestyle in Japan and settling in the Americas, Mike is just getting used to his new found life. A warm sun and a heavy fall are there to greet him as he wakes up to another typical morning. Mike lifts himself from the ground and readies himself for school. He greets both parents with a casual "Good Morning", then sits and enjoys his breakfast. After eating, Mike's father, Yuudai, called for Mike to see him off to school. He finds him rummaging around in the next room and later finds himself being handed an old hat; supposedly worn by his father when he was young. Mike reluctantly accepted the gift and departs from home; later being accompanied by his friend, Mona Doswell.

Mike can't help but make a remark about Mona, stating that she's allowed to do and get whatever she desired. Mona immediately retorted back at him, claiming that she is far from being a "spoiled child". Not paying attention, the wheel on Mona's skateboard chips over a small rock and sends her tumbling to the ground. Mike rushes to her side, helping Mona to her feet and continue on towards school.

They make their way to school and are greeted by, Winston Dunken, one of Mike's trouble making friends. He forcefully drags Mike into one of his daily shenanigans; wishing to jump the new school fence. Mike tries to convince him out of doing it, but Winston said otherwise and makes a grand dash towards the fence. In an attempt to keep them both out of trouble, Mike hurries after him and stops Winston from leaping the fence. However, as Mike proceeded to stop his friend, he is the one who ends up on the other side. He then finds himself in a large yard across from the school where a guard dog is there to greet him.

Key events

  • Mike makes a comment about Mona's lifestyle, stating how "spoiled" she is. This gives the insinuation that she is very wealthy. (This is later confirmed in future chapters)
  • When Mike jumps over the fence, his amazing acrobat-like agility is taken into account for the first time.
    • Also, when the cap flies off from Mike's head, it is revealed that the ears propped on top are definitely real.


Mike and Mona make their way to school to later find themselves having to foil another one of Winston's ridiculous ploys. Mike later finds himself face to face with a nasty assailant.



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